what is intuitive graphic design? how is it different?

In my opinion intuitive design, is a process of creating a visual representation that is guided by your infinite self, your truth.

My job as an intuitive designer is as a guide, guiding you back to your soul nature first and foremost. From this place together we can collaborate with the divine to birth designs that visually represent this truth.

The design is only one of the many outcomes, as this creation journey is an intuitively guided one, that is as much about you meeting and releasing limiting beliefs that block the full expression of your truth, as it is about the actual design outcomes.

This potent mix creates a space for your vision to come to life with ease and grace, powerfully being able to convey to your audience and empower you every time you see it... which is a lot because it's your visual representation and you want it to make you feel glorious, because if it makes you feel good... there is a very good chance those that resonate will feel that too when they lay their eye's on your branding. After all it's all energy, and it's the energy behind the brand that truly fuels it!

Intuitive design taps into your infinite self to create high vibing visionary work.



I am Kristy Jamieson, Intuitive Designer.

I have created a unique design journey, a fusion of design and intuition.

The birthing of this sacred business is truly all of my experience, learnings, growth (creatively and spiritually) and expansion coming together to provide, what I believe to be an incredible, sacred and creative journey for your branding to fuel by your infinite nature.

Forget trends, forget what others are doing, let's put the divine in charge, trust, let go, surrender and allow your visual representation to be a flow of ease and grace. Yesssssss!!! I say!!!


THEN to NOW in short

Loved art and all things spiritual from a young age.

In my teens I was only ever going to be an artist.

I found graphic design after high school.

I became a corporate freelance designer. (after a-lot of other jobs, retail to construction and everything in between).

I became a certified Intuitive Guide with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® (#lifechanging! #gamechanging!)

And now I am combining all that I have experienced, learnt and become to serve with all my capacity and it feels so dam good!


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