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intuitive graphic design
Intuitively Guided Graphic Design



Here we release your dominant fear program that is limiting you. Together we returning this fear to love, removing the blocks and priming the creation process. Giving way to a brand foundation that is a full expression of your true state, your infinite self.

As a certified Intuitive Guide with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®  I will guide you through an Intuitive Intelligence® Method session. This is a thorough energy evaluation and clearing of identified subconscious fear blocks.

The Method sessions include:

  • Identifying the subconscious fear blocks and dominant shadow archetypes ruling your life and relationships;
  • Accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the past life in which the subconscious fear began to reinscribe the timeline;
  • Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;
  • Assessing each chakra (energy point running along the length of the spine to the top of the head) to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and energy body that may be causing physical illness or emotional imbalances, as well as difficulty in finding purpose, success and ease in relationships;
  • Connecting you to the archetypal energy best able to guide your next steps;
  • Equipping you with powerful tools and energetic scaffolding that you need to continue the process for yourself after the session.

As your Intuitive Guide I will identify, clear and release the events and experiences at the level of the subtle anatomy that have blocked the flow of unlimited, infinite consciousness to you. These events are rarely the ones we consciously carry around. If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously we are working on them, then a Method session will provide immediate relief and clarity.

When you are free of your subconscious energetic imprint you become fearless and intentional. From this place your design project can be created uninhibited by the dominant fear program holding you back. This means as you become fearless and powerfully intentional so does your brand!




Here we go deeper into learning more about your business, audience, goals and vision. We will chat about the feel, meaning and energy your envisioning being infused into your new design project.

This is a powerful space to collaborate together after meeting and releasing your dominant fear programming.

Before this session I will share a workbook I use myself in my business, this workbook provides a beautiful scaffold to go within and discover foundational aspects of your sacred business.

This provides me with potent information that will help guide and shape our discovery session together.

Intuitive Graphic Design


Intuitive Graphic Design Sacred Design



As an Intuitive Graphic Designer my job is to go beyond the known and collaborate intuitively with the infinite. I have brought together my experience as a professional graphic designer with my certification as an Intuitive Guide. This fusion is powerful!

A potent mix of graphic design and intuition creates a space for your vision to come to life with ease and grace, powerfully conveying to your audience and empowering you every time you see it. You want your brand identity, your visual representation to make you feel glorious, because if it makes you feel amazing...

There is an excellent chance those that resonate will feel that too when they lay their eye’s on your branding.

After all, it’s all energy, and it’s the energy behind the brand that authentically fuels it!

Intuitive design taps into your infinite self to create high vibing visionary work.

We abandon trends in favor of your infinite self.