Creating A Course In Miracles Inspired Reminders Deck

What are the ACIM (A Course in Miracles) Inspired Reminders?!

They are a blend of art and words inspired by A Course in Miracles.

How ACIM Inspired Reminders came to be:

Earlier this year I couldn't stop creating a blend of art and words inspired by the Course (A Course in Miracles). They became the divine result of being inspired to capture the inward journey the Course takes us on to remember using art and words.

Question? When a truth hits your being and you melt into it:

Have you ever felt like you don't want to forget, longing to stay with the words, feeling state and the remembering of truth as much as you can?

The truth can remain so hidden from us.

Our daily life requires so much of us at times, it’s like being in the egos washing machine. Clouded by the murky water, getting tumbled by each turn and spun around getting dizzy in the illusion.

Being reminded of truth can feel like sitting watching the washing machine of the ego, rather than being in it. And it is from this place we can choose again, gain new perspectives and gently return to peace as we see through the craziness going on in front of us, no longer wedded to it.

Creating these felt like the flood gates had opened and I’m freaking excited to share with you the first 25 ACIM INSPIRED Reminders that have a sole purpose to support you, provide relief, comfort, strength, inspiration and peace within.

It is not easy work undoing the illusions of the ego and if just some respite can be found in these reminders, that will be truly beyond words.

Lastly I want to share that right now I am feeling all the feels!!

Not every seed that is planted within us grows right away or even at all. Trusting the journey isn’t always easy, but connecting the dots looking back, I would not change a thing.

These beauties begun humbly as a seed of inspiration that was planted within me a few years ago.

I am so deeply grateful that when all was ready they flowed through and have now met with us gloriously!

My hope is they support and nurture you, serving deeply with their purpose only to be truly helpful.

So so much love!!

Kristy xx