It's time to let go of littleness. To end the war against yourself. And walk with Truth.⁠

Recently I created an ACIM ( A Course in Miracles) Inspired Reminder (above) that brings all the happy vibes of remembering who walks with you - the Holy Spirit (TRUTH!) walks with you every step of the way.⁠

Walking beside us is our internal teacher within our right mind, gently guiding us home, reminding us of who we really are and using everything we hand over to undo fear, undo the belief in separation.⁠

When we choose to remember Truth walks beside us, we are letting go of littleness and choosing to end the war against ourselves.⁠

This beauty is inspired by ✨ Chapter 23- The war against yourself.⁠

Let not the little interferers pull you to littleness. ²There can be no attraction of guilt in innocence. ³Think what a happy world you walk, with truth beside you! ⁴Do not give up this world of freedom for a little sigh of seeming sin, nor for a tiny stirring of guilt’s attraction. ⁵Would you, for all these meaningless distractions, lay Heaven aside? ⁶Your destiny and purpose are far beyond them, in the clean place where littleness does not exist. ⁷Your purpose is at variance with littleness of any kind. ⁸And so it is at variance with sin.⁠

I hope this is truly helpful.

All my Love,

Kristy xx⁠