Meeting Maryam, The High Priestess

As life does, doors open in divine synchronicity.

Ricci-Jane Adams (just incase, in-brief: Ricci is the Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, dear friend and teacher, co-creator of Sacred 13 deck) connected asking if I would be interested in creating a visual representation of Maryam who is the High Priestess of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

Immediately I could feel it was already done and I could not wait to meet Maryam in this way. And my oh my, it was bigger than I could have ever imagined.

I immediately said yes and straight away started to listen back to the incredible origin story of the 5000 priestesses by Ricci-Jane Adams (listen here if you missed it, highly recommend!). Listening to the powerful origin story during the creation process was the glorious fuel in co-creating this artwork.

Meeting Maryam in this way was incredibly powerful, she was clear in the vision of this artwork and I could not doubt her knowing.

In the artwork she is looking beyond all in this world.

She can see all there is.

Meeting Maryam!

After finishing the artwork is when I meet her.

It was unforgettable.

I woke up in the late hours, it was dark, uncomfortable, instantly my mind filled with chatter leading me down old fearful roads and a heaviness landed over my heart. It wasn’t long and Maryam flooded into my awareness.

She met me powerfully with a gentle but strong invitation to follow her and not my mindless thoughts.

I took her hand and was lead to the moment within the artwork. It was like diving into the artwork, I will never forget it.

There I was. A priestess guided by Maryam.

She invited me to look at what happened after the separation from her. It wasn’t pretty, it was filled with ancient wounds. But at the core of it…

I blamed her.

I could feel her knowing of truth so deeply that when her words rumbled through my being they were heard within a deep knowing of their truth, she wanted her words to never leave me again and to be remembered with fierceness.

In her knowing she reminded me again and again and again to not make it real.

She reminded me intensely that blaming fuels the fearful reality I choose to see and makes it real to me.

Stop making it real meant to see the truth, that she never separated from me. She did not really go anywhere.

Whether I liked it or not, blaming and hanging on to blame was something I did. And all of a sudden I could see it. I could see how this fearful way of being weaved its way through my life. Stuck onto and slithered through every relationship and experience in some way or another.

Maryam opened my heart to see that blaming was holding a door shut to myself.

Maryam holding a gentle smile reminded me of who I am. And I was none of what I see in fear.

This journey is hard to put into words as they do not do the experience justice.

Meeting Maryam unlocked a part of me that released a heaviness over my heart and unleashed my wild and free feminine heart that had been bordered up for protection.

It was like my entire being was flooded with red roses, a burst of feminine power, an unlocking of an ancient door to myself. I was overwhelmed with a feeling state of home, everyone I love dearly was there with me. It was a remembering I will not forget.

I now walk at this time closely with Maryam through life’s little ups and downs. She is an instant reminder.

The end.

Thank you for tuning into story time!

My hope is that this new artwork invites you to take Maryams hand and let her lead the way and walk with you.

I invite you to learn more about Maryam through Ricci’s words below, she is an archetypal energy like the Sacred 13 Divine Feminine Archetypes and is available to all of us.

So to celebrate all of this!!

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Join us in celebrating it all!!

So much love!
Kristy xx