Our Willingness can Never be Underestimated

It is our willingness to let go of the limits we have seemingly placed upon love,
this is what will sets us free and rapidly return us to peace.

I am so passionate about the Course, it transforms my life daily and allows everything that I am willing to let go of, be truly used, really! used to undo the belief in separation.

I’ve learnt from early on we can’t be reminded of the Course principle and truth enough.

To support our little willingness to grow into the massive willingness that is required, reminders are so incredibly POWERFUL.

THIS is why I share the Course through my art, because a reminder can support us through our day, bring us back to peace and mean we have the determination to choose again.

I have been so deeply inspired to create and share these ACIM Inspired Reminders. Words cannot express how it feels to hold these beauties in my hands and have them to remind me every day of the deep truths of the Course.

The response to the release of the artworks on instagram and facebook has been absolutely incredible. Knowing they are supporting, touching others hearts is everything!! I feel so deeply grateful for being able to create and share them with you all. Thank you!

I can’t wait to share this beautiful deck of the first 25 ACIM Inspired Reminders. Stay tuned they are going to be released soon - ahhhhhh!! so excited!!

So much love,

Kristy xx