Resisting the Teacher

 The teacher archetype is one I didn't warm or rush too. I would much rather hang out with the student. 

I resisted the teacher because I had my own perception of what it meant to be a teacher. My belief was a teacher was a very smart someone who had authority and did I say smart!

Smart is not something I had associated with myself. I didn't do well at school, except for the heaven of my art class and an amazing teacher!! Art class aside, I couldn't see myself as a teacher in a million years.

Allowing the teacher archetype guide me was a perception shifting awakening to what it really meant to be a teacher. 

The teacher archetype shared with me it is our choices. This is ultimately how we teach. It is through our demonstration. Our decisions are how we either reinforce the madness or accept truth.

The teacher is often with me when I study the Course and practice it's principles.

I am a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). I fell deeply in love with the uncompromising truth the Course teaches after years of resistance, struggle and doubt in my own ability to understand the Course.

Can I share something I wished I had know when I first became a student of the Course back in 2014? (In case there are any Course students reading this who may be struggling!)

ACIM is a big teaching!

It is not a read through a done sort of book. It is a companion for the rest of your life if you choose.

My 2014 self wanted to 'get it' straight away. And by 'get it' I wanted it to be easier, without all this icky resistance.

But I am here in hope of offering you relief.

Here is what I wished I had known.

One of the biggest things I have learnt is that spirit, our right mind is simple in nature, the ego is complex. If something is feeling complex it is a sure sign the ego is leading the way.

The level of resistance we have to the Course has no effect (MIND BLOWN!) and does not decrease its efficiency in guiding us back to God, to truth. POW!!!

The ego may tell you you're not getting it, you never will, you’re not doing it right’ but in truth, you are saving SO much time and accelerating your awakening to truth with your willingness to apply and practice the Courses teachings. NO matter your level of resistance.

The Course gentle takes our hand lovingly and supports us to build our truth muscle until truth is the default and the ego is no longer.

I love in Chapter 18 of the Course text where it states Spirit takes you gentle by your hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside of yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within.

The Course is a way to restore our truth and see with true perception.

This births a willingness to question more and more of how we react to things, how we default to the ego and judge.

Our willingness to question every value that we hold is powerful.

Becoming a witness and taking a moment to choose again, is not always easy, but the truth is simple I am never upset for the reason I think I am - yes, from the Course too.

Much of our daily life runs on a subconscious playlist of default ego thinking. As a Course student my work each and everyday is to question and to choose truth as much as I can, again and again and again. To apply the Course teachings, practice them.

And if we get it seemingly wrong…forgive it.

Nothing seemingly wrong is worth hanging onto. It is an opportunity to forgive if we take it. Whenever we catch ourselves and notice the ego is leading the way, any disturbance to our peace, is an opportunity to return to truth.

In our choices for truth or fear based thinking we demonstrate who we think we are. We either teach we are perfect spirit, whole and innocent and that all has already been forgiven and released, or we teach the illusion of separation.

As the Course saids in lesson 139, what we accept as what we are proclaims what everyone must be along  with us. Look lovingly on them, that they may know that they are part of you, and you of them.

Ok that was a tangent away from my story of meeting the teacher archetype, but I will trust all is written as it should be. 

Redefining what a teacher within my own mind has changed how I see myself as and helped me embrace my powerful role as teacher through demonstration.