Story Time! Prayer VS True Prayer
What is True Prayer?! It’s not the prayer I was first introduced to as a child around 8. Story time! I went to a Christian primary school for a couple years, wait for it! Not because my family was religious,...
It's time to let go of littleness. To end the war against yourself. And walk with Truth.⁠
Recently I created an ACIM ( A Course in Miracles) Inspired Reminder (above) that brings all the happy vibes of remembering who walks with you - the Holy Spirit (TRUTH!) walks with you every step of the way.⁠⁠Walking beside us is our...
A Course in Miracles GAME CHANGER!! You DON'T have to believe?!

When you read the Course, is there any part of you that does not believe it?⁠ Any part of you that struggles?? Oh my hands are BOTH up in the air right now! But get ready! I found a part of the Course that seriously CHANGED the GAME for me!!!!⁠

Creating A Course In Miracles Inspired Reminders Deck
Earlier this year I couldn't stop creating a blend of art and words inspired by the Course (A Course in Miracles). They became the divine result of being inspired to capture the inward journey the Course takes us on to remember using art and words.
Our Willingness can Never be Underestimated

It is our willingness to let go of the limits we have seemingly placed upon love, this is what will sets us free and rapidly return us to peace. To support our little willingness to grow into the massive willingness that is required, reminders are so incredibly POWERFUL.

What if you look within and saw no sin?
Recently I was studying A Course in Miracles Chapter 21 about ‘Reason and Perception’ and within section IV ‘The Fear to Look Within’ a line hit me deeply. ‘What if you look within and saw no sin?’ T-21.IV.3:1 This question to our ego is the utmost feared.