What if you look within and saw no sin?

Q. How do you choose to see yourself and everyone else?

Recently I was studying A Course in Miracles Chapter 21 about ‘Reason and Perception’ and within section IV ‘The Fear to Look Within’ a line hit me deeply.

‘What if you look within and saw no sin?’ T-21.IV.3:1

This question to our ego is the utmost feared.

This question is asking us:

Are we willing to exchange that which disturbs our peace for true vision?

Are we willing to let go of illusions and reclaim our true reality, our divine nature?

I wanted to declare my desire to look within and see no sin.

This is how the artwork above ignited an ever growing collection of ACIM INSPIRED reminders, that bring together my art and words inspired by studying the Course.

About ACIM INSPIRED Reminders

Through creating these I have found support, relief, comfort, strength, inspiration and peace within.

My hope is they also find you in the same way.

It is not easy work undoing the illusions of the ego and if just some respite can be found in what I now have to share with you, that will be truly beyond words.

Where can you find these reminders?

They are now being release on my Instagram and Facebook!

Plus lots of #WIP (work-in-progress) and of BTS can be found on my Insta stories.

Stay tuned though printed versions are in the works!!
Very excited and I can’t wait to hold these beauties in my hands knowing we cannot be reminded enough of the truth.

How you could use these ACIM INSPIRED Reminders in everyday life?

If this has resonated with you, I would love to share how I have been using them, but please do not feel limited to this this way, feel into what works for you.

I warn you, its super simple!

When I wake up, I anchor my mind on the reminder:

For example: ’I look within and see no sin. God is.’

I repeat this within my mind, I then hand my day over to the Holy Spirit (use alternate wording that feels good to you, I use Jesus/Holy Spirit) and ask for His guidance.

Then during my day as soon as I notice my peace is disturbed in any way, even the slightest (nothing too big or too small). I repeat again the statement and hand over. As many times as needed.

And that’s it!

My hope is that this has served you.

I am so excited to be back in your glorious inbox and reconnecting with you. I would love to know how you go using the reminders and what works for you if this has resonated. Along with any question I would be more than happy to do my best to answer them.

All my love,

Kristy xx