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What is intuitive branding?

In my opinion intuitive branding, is a process of creating a visual representation that is fueled by your infinite self, your truth.


Gorgeous One

It's time for your branding to represent who you really are

Intuitive branding means creating beyond the conventional boundaries, beyond trends.

We let the divine lead the way.

We trust. We allow. We co-create.

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From the moment I met Kristy my intuition kicked in, and I knew she was the designer for me. I had a strong hunch I would be taken care of, and I was. I would never hand over intuitive design to someone I didn't trust I knew this was a relationship I could trust. Throughout the process I shared everything that was important to me, my thoughts, my concerns and my joys. Kristy listened deeply in every conversation, whether it was face-to-face or email. Her responses were prompt, reassuring and thorough. I was right about her. Now months later, we have embarked on a second project and I'm excited to say its about ready to launch! If you're thinking of using Kristy's services I say go for it. This is life changing design work. 

Jeanette Mundy Coaching

Kristy is the resident designer for the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, and we are so blessed to collaborate with this incredible intuitive designer and guide in so many ways. Kristy takes the very rough ideas that we throw at her, and with pure grace turns them into visions beyond our wildest dreams. Kristy is the Spiritually Fierce designer, the Third Level and Institute logo designer, and the designer of the Sacred 13 Divine Feminine Archetype cards. Without Kristy's intuitive and design skill, none of these offerings would be nearly so good, nor touch people so deeply. People are moved by Kristy's design, for she is truly encoding a new paradigm through her work.

Ricci-Jane Adams | Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

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