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Intuitive Branding

Ready for a brand identity that beams and gives you 

the fierce confidence to powerfully build the vision you hold?


Intuitive branding taps into your infinite self to create high vibing visionary work.

We abandon trends in favor of your infinite self.


Intuitive Branding is...

This is for you if...

You want branding that will represent who you really are?

You desire a process that is divinely lead, sacred and results in your branding being fuelled by your infinite self?

You crave branding that will powerfully convey to your audience?

You want to release the limiting beliefs that block you? This means as you become fearless and powerfully intentional so does your brand!

You are feeling like your branding is no longer aligning or resonating, it doesn't represent you, your ready for the next level!? Ready for branding that CAN powerfully support the vision you hold! NO more playing small, it's time!

You yearn for powerful scaffolding and guidance to go within and discover foundational aspects of your sacred branding?

You want a space for your branding to come to life with ease and grace?

Priming the Creative Process

We come together for a 1:1 Intuitive Intelligence® Method session. Releasing the limiting beliefs that block you. This means as you become fearless and powerfully intentional so does your brand!

Going Deeper into Your Business

Learning more about your business, audience, goals and vision. You are powerfully scaffolded and guided to go within and discover foundational aspects of your sacred business and branding.

Bringing Your Vision to Life 

In divine collaboration with the infinite, it's time to birth your truth visually. We let the divine lead, we trust, we explore, we receive and together we birth your glorious new branding into the world ready to beam!


A powerful 12 week journey to birth an intuitive brand that is ready to fiercely support the vision you are holding


What is included?


C L I E N T . W O R K


The process Kristy takes you on is just amazing, to connect you in with your new design that is co created with her and through the divine. Firstly we released any fear that was keeping me small and limited, afraid to move into this next part of my journey. We then went through the design process while sitting in our higher self to see what the divine wants to create through us. My logo turned out so different to what I thought it would be, however in a much more open, expansive and illuminated way that perfectly captured where I want my business to go, what I am here to do through my service and the clients I am to serve. It was an easy, effortless process where I, and my vision felt completely held and nurtured through the process. There were very few changes made through my process as Kristy nailed my visIon as she bought it to life. I am so in love with my new logo. I cant thank her enough for her brilliant creative force and nurturing, loving nature. Thank you Glorious Woman xo

Karen Barnwell | Intuitive Guide

From the moment I met Kristy my intuition kicked in, and I knew she was the designer for me. I had a strong hunch I would be taken care of, and I was. I would never hand over intuitive design to someone I didn't trust I knew this was a relationship I could trust. Throughout the process I shared everything that was important to me, my thoughts, my concerns and my joys. Kristy listened deeply in every conversation, whether it was face-to-face or email. Her responses were prompt, reassuring and thorough. I was right about her. Now months later, we have embarked on a second project and I'm excited to say its about ready to launch! If you're thinking of using Kristy's services I say go for it. This is life changing design work.

Jeanette Mundy Coaching

Kristy is the resident designer for the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, and we are so blessed to collaborate with this incredible intuitive designer and guide in so many ways. Kristy takes the very rough ideas that we throw at her, and with pure grace turns them into visions beyond our wildest dreams. Kristy is the Spiritually Fierce designer, the Third Level and Institute logo designer, and the designer of the Sacred 13 Divine Feminine Archetype cards. Without Kristy's intuitive and design skill, none of these offerings would be nearly so good, nor touch people so deeply. People are moved by Kristy's design, for she is truly encoding a new paradigm through her work.

Ricci-Jane Adams | Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

It's such a grace filled process, Kristy is so easy to discuss things with and she helped so powerfully and beautifully to allow me to lean into what felt right for me - for what wanted to express through me.

Kristy is sheer joy to work with.

Barb Kitto | Spiritual Midwife

If you'd like to work with Kristy, I can highly recommend it.

I loved the entire process and I feel like my essence has been captured.

Chenae Carey Coaching

Kristy Jamieson is divine! She is so easy to work with. Her process leaves room for exploration into all aspects of your business.
It is deep, connected, supportive and nurturing.

I just love working with her.

Anna Mason

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready! Where do I begin?

YAY! Let’s do this! We can start the process with a complimentary 30 min design consult. This is a great chance for ensuring this package is for you and share any questions you may have.


I’m not sure if my business is ready for a re-brand? What do I do?

Easy, let’s chat and find out. We can start the process with a complimentary 30 min design consult.


I will need your logo package and more. Do you create custom design packages?

Yes! I can tailor your own unique package that will work best for you! I’d love to learn more about your needs and provide a custom quote.


Do you design and create websites?

Yes! I can provide a custom quotation for your glorious new website design, A.K.A. glorious online temple design!


Do you design decks of cards, such as oracle or affirmation?

Yes! I’d love to learn more about your project and provide a tailored quote.


Question not answered above?

No worries. Simply send your questions and queries my way


What is an Intuitive Intelligence Method Session? And why do we start with this?


Here we release your dominant fear program that is limiting you. Together we returning this fear to love, removing the blocks and priming the creation process. Giving way to a brand foundation that is a full expression of your true state, your infinite self. As a certified Intuitive Guide with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®  I will guide you through an Intuitive Intelligence® Method session. This is a thorough energy evaluation and clearing of identified subconscious fear blocks.

The Method sessions include:

Identifying the subconscious fear blocks and dominant shadow archetypes ruling your life and relationships;Accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the past life in which the subconscious fear began to reinscribe the timeline;Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;Assessing each chakra (energy point running along the length of the spine to the top of the head) to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and energy body that may be causing physical illness or emotional imbalances, as well as difficulty in finding purpose, success and ease in relationships;Connecting you to the archetypal energy best able to guide your next steps;Equipping you with powerful tools and energetic scaffolding that you need to continue the process for yourself after the session.

As your Intuitive Guide I will identify, clear and release the events and experiences at the level of the subtle anatomy that have blocked the flow of unlimited, infinite consciousness to you. These events are rarely the ones we consciously carry around. If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously we are working on them, then a Method session will provide immediate relief and clarity.

When you are free of your subconscious energetic imprint you become fearless and intentional. From this place your design project can be created uninhibited by the dominant fear program holding you back.

This means as you become fearless and powerfully intentional so does your brand!

Package Investment

2020 Pricing


Non-refundable $297 to secure your spot/selected start date

1 week prior to your journey commencing $1700


Payment plan available:

$297 to secure your spot and then $600 a month over three months (total investment: $2097).


(approximately $1797.08 CAD, $2099.42 NZD, $1352.37 USD and £1047.63 GPB please check current exchange rates)

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